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Created from the belief that the five elements from the basis of all creation, SHRISTI is a group engaged in infrastructure development with a deep rooted commitment to creating spaces for life in harmony with the elements.

One of leading construction and Infrastructure Development Companies in India, Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. started commercial operations in 1999 and is today a pan Indian company in the fields of Infrastructure Construction, Infrastructure Development and Infrastructure Consultancy.

SHRISTI has several companies under public private partnership model with Various state and central Govt. Organizations SHRISTI HOSPITALITY & LIFESTYLE is establishing a blend of Indian Heritage and contemporary Chic to create Hospitality experience customized for the individually conscious traveler who demands a holistic lifestyle experience.

SHRISTI"S focus is to create new age urban & social infrastructure achieve & develop holistic environment that goes beyond today’s in imagination. Exploring traditional wisdom as well as the science of design and planning, SHRISTI includes cultural contest and combines the strength of professionalism environment-friendly practices as well as modern technology innovations to deliver sustainable development.

SHRISTI is working to expand the umbrella of company’s products and services to provide a comprehensive mixed of infrastructure development Solutions. From individuals or institutions to Govt. bodies, SHRISTI offers the benefit of experience as well as a seamless and complementary combination of resources and expertise of its own and its group companies. Listed on the Kolkata and Mumbai stock exchanges, the ISO 99001:2000 certified company, presently handling projects worth over US $1 billon, focuses on creating value and ensuring timely delivery for clients. Indeed, SHRISTI aims to become a benchmark in quality and customer satisfaction and be a name synonymous with trust, excellence and partnership for growth. Welcome to life.